Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Four Hours and Twenty-three Minutes

Four Hours and Twenty-three Minutes. Yep, that's how long I talked to my long, lost roommate from art school last night. He lives in San Francisco now. It's been a couple years since we last spoke and we picked up right where we left off. This is a picture I took of him down at Union Station in Denver in 1990. He was my model for a GAP ad I was designing for a school project.

In our conversation, we covered it all, even the break up of our friendship that lasted for several years, which was only repaired because of the passing of a mutual friend. There's a saying that says, "sometimes we need to eliminate certain people in our life because they become toxic". The good news is things can change, people grow up, they mature and get better and smarter. Well we both got better and smarter, I think, anyway. In any case, my friendship with Bradley Sanders is as strong as it has ever been and whenever I am in a creative mode, I can't help but think of our strong collaboration that brought us to be roommates in the first place at the Colorado Institute of Art. I am very grateful for this bond.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I want my, I want my, I want my gold iPhone...

Does this iPhone make me look skinny? Or perhaps cool? How about important? Sophisticated? Some accuse us of being superficial for ordering the newest gold iPhone. It's just that it's so incredibly pretty; I can't help it – I want one! It won't match my trusty AWD Honda or my casual wardrobe. I don't even wear gold jewelry, but who cares!?

Apple and various phone companies are making us crazy while we wait for supply to catch up to demand with these coveted devices. So crazy that many are buying them on craigslist and ebay for over $1,000. Keep in mind, the gold phone is the same price as the silver and space gray models. The picture above is of a heavily adorned gold iPhone from a company in the UK. You can impress all your friends with this particular model for a mere $6,000.

I might have to give in and switch my order to the very boring, space gray model. I planned to use the new and improved camera and flash for an upcoming video and photo shoot for a new client. AT&T lied when they told me the lovely gold phone would be in my hands no later than this Thursday. As of this morning, they have added three weeks to that delivery date. Some say AT&T knew the gold phone would not be ready in two or three weeks all along, but continued the deception to lure customers from Apple.

Is it possible to live with a space gray iPhone? Can it possibly be as fun as the gold model? Will my friends with gold iPhones look down on me? Will my social status be at stake? Unless I purchase a sparkly gold case, this could be my fate.