Monday, August 26, 2013

Teflon Turbulance

I remember reading a warning about the dangers of a certain cities tap water for pregnant women. I wasn't pregnant, but I sure wasn't going to drink that water after reading the warning. Research from before 2006 stated that "hundreds of birds are killed by the fumes and particles emitted from Teflon-coated products each year." This clearly, is not new information, but we continue to purchase Teflon products in abundance, turning a blind eye.

I spend hundreds of dollars on quality food each month but for years have had absolutely crappy cookware. I finally decided to upgrade my kitchen and visit the nearby Chef's Outlet Store. I purchased the Scanpan from Denmark, a ceramic, radiant, non-stick pan that does not emit chemicals for cooking low heat items like eggs. I also purchased a Cuisinart multi-clad pan for high heat cooking. If Teflon's chemical gasses are killing hundreds of birds, they have no place in my home.