Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Day Rainbow

Most of us know that the more colors of the rainbow we incorporate into our diet (from fruits and vegetables), the healthier we will be. We (I) don't enjoy spending time cutting veggies every single day.
So..... I take four firm vegetables, typically broccoli, red cabbage, carrots and cauliflower, cut them into medium sized pieces and try to get a balance of all four vibrant colors. Put the mixture in the fridge and you're ready to throw a handful on a salad or a stir fry or whatever. At meal time, all you need to prepare or cut are the onions, garlic and tomatoes (softer, wetter veggies).

I prepared this mixture while staying with my mother when she was in the middle stages of dementia and eating a horrible diet. What I surprisingly found is she started eating handfuls of the mixture throughout the day. Yea! Couldn't complain about that.

Now you don't want to cut the veggies too small as it causes more "stress" on the produce which would result in a loss of flavor, texture, dehydration and nutrients. Coarsely chopped is best.

In a perfect world, we would take the time to cut loads of veggies before each meal, but this proves to be a good solution for at least three good days of eating well. More than that, the veggies will lose their oomph. And don't buy them pre-cut from the grocery store. Heaven knows when they were cut.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Intention Detention

Intention Detention is where I put myself when I don’t live up to the ideals or goals I have inside my head. For instance, I could say, “I’m going to try and run 20 miles this week”. Note the word “try;” not very powerful. “I am” or “I will” would be much better choices. But when it comes right down to it (for me), I need to have all of my structures in place. These include my Garmin watch being plugged in and charged, along with my iPod shuffle. I don’t always run with music, but when it’s been a while, the music helps keep me going.

I probably ran an extra 8 miles this week because I bought a new running top from Athleta. has some great end of summer sales right now. Of course you need good shoes, but everything else is free. You don’t need all the gadgets I have, but they certainly do help. I got my iPod shuffle on the Apple refurb site for $45 several years ago. The Garmin watch, a definite treat, was $150. Always nice to see how far you’ve gone or have to go and to track your progress. Of course the biggest way to be committed to an exercise commitment is to schedule a race or a trip to a reunion. J

Monday, August 26, 2013

Teflon Turbulance

I remember reading a warning about the dangers of a certain cities tap water for pregnant women. I wasn't pregnant, but I sure wasn't going to drink that water after reading the warning. Research from before 2006 stated that "hundreds of birds are killed by the fumes and particles emitted from Teflon-coated products each year." This clearly, is not new information, but we continue to purchase Teflon products in abundance, turning a blind eye.

I spend hundreds of dollars on quality food each month but for years have had absolutely crappy cookware. I finally decided to upgrade my kitchen and visit the nearby Chef's Outlet Store. I purchased the Scanpan from Denmark, a ceramic, radiant, non-stick pan that does not emit chemicals for cooking low heat items like eggs. I also purchased a Cuisinart multi-clad pan for high heat cooking. If Teflon's chemical gasses are killing hundreds of birds, they have no place in my home.

Friday, August 23, 2013

WATCH OUT! Calcium supplements kill.

A new study in the British Medical Journal found that women age 40+ that got more than 1,400 mg of calcium daily from a combo of supplements and food had a 50% greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who had less. According to this month’s Health magazine, the bottom line is “until we know more, experts say, stick to the RDA” (1,200mg if you’re 50+ and 1,000mg if you’re younger) “and get it via food–you’re less likely to overdo it that way.”

WebMD has a great article of foods that are high in calcium – I prefer the dark leafy vegetables to dairy choices. Here’s the link:

I just tossed my bottle of Calcium tablets. My pharmacist recommended 2,000mg a day. Yikes! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

There's a cow in my sugar bowl.

Who knew? I didn't know that the white sugar I grew up eating was granulated using bone char. Yes, that is bones that have been charred to give it that beautiful white granulation. 

I was recently introduced to Sucanat, which is evaporated cane juice sugar (pictured above), sometimes referred to as the "healthy sugar." Sucanat has less sucrose and retains the natural molasses and trace nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium and B vitamins. I bought my sucanat in the bulk section at Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage. Tastes great and less sucrose, so a little more health in my sweets. Give it a try!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hey! Where'd you get that egg?

A couple years ago I read something that made me check the label on my egg carton and discovered the eggs I was buying were coming from Indiana. This would be fine if I lived in Indiana, but here I am in Colorado. Are there no chickens here? Seriously. I go out of my way to buy local eggs now, pay a little extra and it's worth it. Nothing against Indiana chickens, but I'd like my eggs to be laid a little closer to home and ideally free range to get more of those ever important Omega 3s. Where are your eggs from?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Am I living it right?

John Mayer asks this question and this song came on my iShuffle while I was running my favorite trail and thinking of my high school friend who recently passed from a heart attack. In addition to toasting Tim, why not honor him by getting that heart pumping a little harder than normal? For Tim, and the ones who love you.